Thursday, June 26, 2008

TV corner

I am not sure this one is complete or not,It was rather late at night and i left for bed leaving the painting.Next morning I am very happy with what it looked like
and I dont want to mess it to "finish".I am always awed by work of Benard Dunsten who left his work at such a stage yet absolute completeness.I have mentioned on my website..Benard Dunsten is probably my most favorite painter,If anyone has seen his work they know what I mean.

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David Lobenberg said...

I checked out Benard Dunsten. I can see why you like him. He has a very impressionistic style without sharp definitions. It certainly is a style that I like as well. Are these paintings of yours all acrylic? I like there casual and non-overworked style. I'm going to add you as a link to my blog as I like both your watercolor and acrylic(?) paintings,