Thursday, December 4, 2008


Started this one with bold Black washes which could be under painting tonal plan and somehow stopped at that point.
Later added a blue wash with spray gun.
I am happy here with the result and almost feeling a triumph, I could STOP.
Any comment?


David Lobenberg said...

A minimal approach that I like. I'd suggest you do a series.

milindmulick said...

thanks David..

saurabh said...

Amazing usual...!!
Rustic crude line work ...too good.

प्रसाद दाबके said...

I think this is a good Thinking. that mind stage is imp when u feel comf.

sanjeev joshi said...

It is said that it takes two people to paint.One to stand behind the painter and tell him when to stop.In your case you are two in one !!Very difficult to stop at right stage.excellent raw look painting.Its a murder!

bigblake08 said...

this is really nice.
its quant