Thursday, August 20, 2009

examination point

we usually have our last day session of my workshop at this spot.A nice corner opp University building ,lot of us can sit together and paint.This is usually the outdoor session of my watercolor course and I insist students to work without looking at what I am doing.a sort of exam for them
coincidentally the building we paint happens to be a corner of exam department of Univ.
the paper used here is montval which is bad, slippery paper made for watercolor.the bad paper sometimes challenges to bring the better in you.


Mukesh said...

I m following all ur ideas whatever u posts in ur blog. Somebody told me that we should paint on white ivory sheet which have a slippery surface. What do u think sir, is it a gud idea to paint on ivory sheet ? Plz. reply me sir becus i m confused sir.

milindmulick said...

on slippery paper you cant apply another wash so you have to get the tone correct in first wash
paint on anything and everything

Art with Liz said...

Well slippery or not, you certainly are up for the challenge. Fantastic Milind - but then your paintings are in the awesome category!

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Lovely work...and the title is perfect...its truly an examination point!!! and its damn difficult to pass that point!!!

Unknown said...

Only true passion can achieve this!
I am tempted to put you above 'Rushitulya' Shri Shivaji Tupe.

1000 paintings said...

Wow. I know this corner. Univerisity is full of beautiful spots. I could revisit it due to this painting of yours. Thanks.

Prabal said...

Amazing painting. Sir could you also sometime post the different snapshots of your paintings in progress. It will be really great thing to learn from. By the way it had taken me sometime to realize that Monteval and similar papers are not suitable for glazing. :)

workhard said...

Lovely work.. its really good.. Im so bad in watercolors.. will definitely take up some day..

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raj said...

I love this painting. I also love to do water colour painting. Could you shed some light as to how you create the illusion of bright lighted areas as in this painting. I would like to learn the technique

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Nice painting.

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