Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday noon

In her hand is morning paper..Sunday is not everyday.
Once more i am happy with a kind of Blurr impressionist look which I could retain.Yes..I want to paint like Benard Dunsten.The small painting you see on top corner is "Red Zinger" by Jason waskey.If you have a good eyesite you might even notice all his brushstrokes on the spoon.


Mike said...

Milind . . .I have just looked through your website and find your work to be stunning!

Beautifully loose, full of sparkle and light, well composed and exellently executed! Bravo, my friend. BRAVO !!!

Mike said...

One more thing, Milind . . . May I add your blog to my list of links?

I would like to do that if you wouldn't object. Would you care to trade?

David Lobenberg said...

Is that really a Waskey on the wall? Who is Jason? You mentioned that name in conjunction with your latest blog. Have you ever seen John Hammond's acrylic paintings? There...that's three questions in arow!

David Lobenberg said...

Of course...Jason Wasky! Now I have only 2 questions.

milindmulick said...

ya thats Jason on the wall
and yes I remember having seen John hammond in probably John Noot gallery...will ckeck again.

Barbara Muir said...


This is a beauty. Fantastic.


Tom said...

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